"I Feel the Star" #writing #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

As I finish my first class of my second class with the Barnes Foundation in Art History I am inspired to this writing. Many messages are sent in art. Which ones are real? Which ones do you connect with?

Image by Tanya from Pixabay 

I Feel the Star

As I sit on the grass

I feel the star I don’t wear on my forehead

the only place of peace

at this hour to write 

without emotional pain and torture

for the moment

I hurriedly grab at my thoughts,

easier when young

will I die early from this

I don’t think age matters to abuse

I find now in this day of my life

Do I write to send 

messages of help

or is creativity I so desperately

wish to convey

how witty I am to do this

I’m smarter than they think

as I get it all out

so graciously on paper for all to read

as I learn how far some will go

to create their message of art

I am inspired to

Though I don’t wear a star

I feel the life long

dragging of survival on my body

mind and health

How art keeps us going 

to tell on we can

I’m not of Jewish decent

but my pain is so near theirs

I can feel mosts pains

I understand 


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