"God's Hand Came Down and Saved Me That Day" #writing #lorijeanfinnila #newsong? #singersongwriter

 Of all the abuse in my life I've finally been able to put it into words. It's amazing how hard my life has been and because I haven't been able to get these words out.

"God's Hand Came Down and Saved Me That Day"

Image by Treharris from Pixabay 

He led me into thin ice

It was a cold day

I wanted to play

I was fearless

I was ferocious

I would lead myself astray

I could be led far

I could be led astray

I was led too far that day

The words that are so hard to express

I had to learn to say

I bobbed up and down

Screaming for help

No one was around

He didn’t reach out to help

He laughed and smiled

Like the horse he threw me off of

Like the bike he tossed me off of onto the street

Like the rocks he wanted me to trip on in the water 

Like the ones I sled over too hard

That he patiently waited for me to pass out to

Like the police he waited to take me when I was drugged

But he didn’t because he said I looked too young

But instead that day

I reached out, I cried out for help inside

And I got an answer

I went around the thin ice

As he laughed through me in shock

I walked through the thin ice I couldn’t pass

As he was amazed as I heard it crack

As I was fearless and ferocious

I led myself through this with God’s hand

Why would my life be saved once again

I was fearless

I was ferocious

I would lead myself astray

God’s hand came down

And saved me that day


  1. Lori, this is beautiful. Your work is moving, emotional, and simultaneously healing.

    1. Thanks Gayle for supporting me with your love. I hope this piece of work is just as easy to do as a song..❤️


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