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Ok. So here I am getting ready with my last preparations for my upcoming performance at The Mint LA. I'm singing one of my last 2 times for preparation out before I go. I booked my hotel for the night last night, which I had said I wasn't going to do. I was going to stay up all night but decided not too. Sitting in an airport or bus station isn't smart. After staying up late I should rest in a nice bed before I come home. I got my gloves in but I'm not sure now if I can wear them. They're tight and seem to cut off circulation and for one other reason-let you know this one later. Vocal Zones are in but I forgot to use them today for my periscope performance. I started redoing my Final Project for school which needs to be done before I go and this is going well. I think my brain has cleared the fog from concentrating on my music. I don't want to take away from this though. I changed my song list again. As of now I'm very pleased with it and will be practicing this. You'll have to wait to πŸ‘€ this when YOU'RE there August 4th!!! Hopefully right??!! ✋✋ 

They're songs I feel comfortable with. One I love that I added that brings sparkles to my mind. It was my way of reaching out and saying I need music to communicate reflecting back when I was little. I would jump up and twist and twirl in front of our front window to my mother. I would sit up high in trees for hours when I wouldn't get reciprocation to what I was trying to message- my mild brain sensitivities from convulsions as a toddler. Others I felt were embedded in me and meant to do. Just Like Yesterday and Resurrect My Home are still on the list to be sung, so you can be assured of that. 


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