Good News Bad News #stiffupperlip #lorijean

Well the good news is I have my flight booked for The Mint LAand am being played in the UK again for Just Like Yesterday on the Groove Tramp CD compilation produced by Factory Fast Records. The bad news is I won't be perform locally in Eugene, OR. The Barn Light cancelled but God Bless them.

Last night was hard. I went out to perform and my adapter didn't fit. The sound system was coming back at me through the mic. I got thorough it though proudly. I sang three songs I don't usually, Come Dance with Me (audience seemed to love the lyrics), Familiar Sound (shocked by the lyrics) composed by Tim Cheatle, and not happy I blessed God with Come Into the Light. I needed God last night. All in all it was a huge accomplishment because I got through it. Please bless me for future endeavors. πŸ˜˜πŸ™❤️

PS I'm almost up to my 30,000 hits on my blog. 🎊


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