IXS Radio 'Just Like Yesterday' Today & Replay MusicFridayLive(Cov. @the mint la

Catch my single, 'Just Like Yesterday,' on IXS radio today at 4:00 pm PST promoted from a CD compilation release coming up July 26, 'Groove Tramp' with Factory Fast Records.

Groove Tramp Presale Purchase Link

Patrick O'Heffernan from Music Friday Live is coming to cover my performance at 'The Mint LA'!!
Ticket Link
And listen to the replay if you haven't already of my interview with Music Friday Live!! 'Super Lady' is going real well.

Noctambule returns with new album. Lori Jean: songs from a (abusive) childhood: Interview

Also, catch all the great radio airplay I'm getting from The Shift Radio station.


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