So Excited!! Hit Submit #whataboutgoodoldeve #lorijean

I hit submit to "What About Good Old Eve" for my May 18 digital single release ( I scrapped the other songs-was temporarily insane-still free though if all goes well). I was going to try for the Mastered for iTunes logo but it has to be mixed originally at 24 bits-wouldn't of had time to do it-trial and error. Better to show up as promised. I'm also rechecking into the UK charts registration to see if it's just for sales where I was hoping to get play stats and radio registration for this too?! Another trial and error. I'll keep you posted on this. Since I missed my boat for the iTunes Mastering and I did originally say that there would be a video coming for this release I'm thinking of keeping my intent and I'm looking into this now. I found a place to make the video. Now I'm looking into the distribution of it. Let you know how it all works out. Enjoy the cover that just arrived. I hope you like it. I was pleasantly surprised.


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