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I've had the most AMAZING few days of adventure and opportunity. I was accepted for a lifelong hobby-type dream job. I have my completion towards being a produced label artist (not by myself either) of music, and I finally have my first PAID gig to this tentatively booked and lined up at prestigious 4 star venue (I will be making posters to this and passing them around-excited about this too.) My plan to my idea of success is definitely happening. And it is so true, if you fail plan to plan, you plan to fail. I had been constantly setting up a list of activities to do toward my goals of my dream. Though I may have had to change it many times, and I'm sure this will continue, the outcome to my dreams of the action would always come true and even larger than expected in a course change.

My adventures of leisure time have been so rewarding with the MANY talented artists that are in or come to my area. The rewards have been refreshing. I've been practicing constantly for stage and viewing others gives me a different, new, and refreshing take. I'm so grateful. ❤️


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