6 Segment Ideas Pia's Records #pilot #lorijean

I've been very open about my funny life story in Pia's Records, screenplay for tv or movie segments/pilot. I have so much love and fun I remember as a child to share through my music in such a funny way. The Hayhousesummit Brendon Burchard is speaking now. More that you talk, write, think and share of your ideas to come to reality the easier it is to make it happen. This series, Pia's Records, brings me so much joy to my music. Beyoncé was smart to link HBO movie with her with her music release. I think focusing strongly on the beautiful Spanish culture brings attention to my Portugese culture.

I'll give you a hint on one: we used to have block parties with music and local bands in our town growing up. Pia connects to a crush/her crush and/or identifies with the homeless kids. 


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