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Filling my spare hours with intellect of my gifts to writing. It feels great and the content is worthy. I can see my path to self worth developing nicely.

My single, "What About Good Old Eve," should be out tomorrow as well at iTunes. Which I'm so excited. I love to see who I'm played next to on the digital streaming sites. I do this as teasers to more professionally distributed music of mine from Factory Fast Records. This gives you an idea to see how my solo CD will be coming out. This song should be free. Quite a few of the songs on the CD to come you can only get from them.

I've been practicing singing for my few minute performance of the song. I may do it on the run and take a break outdoors and join you that way. Don't forget, I'm on periscope at 3:00pm PST tomorrow to sing the song for you. I've been practicing and listening to the song until I get sick. I hope you appreciate the performance. See you tomorrow. And don't forget to check iTunes for the song tomorrow. If it's not there or not free, I apologize. I believe I produced it right. It can be tricky with the button choices.


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