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Got asked a great question about what is the meaning behind 'youth in a doll."

Here's my reply along with a strategy.

Hi Laura, I have a song out with Factory Fsst Records that I wrote  that's at iTunes. It's one of my best lyrically. I think to market its fun gender message to strengthen our youth (backpacks, lunch boxes, and even clothes and outerwear as well is a plus using the theme and my cover) into a doll via either a sound chip inside or a hanging toy off it that can easily be played and the doll looking somewhat like the cover of me that I generated would be a strong product. Showing the kids playing and enjoying the items with the song playing is a strong marketing idea. Also an animated video of the song's theme of the fun challenge between genders is great. I'd have to have someone take the product marketing, manufacturing, and sales on themselves. I'd sign the contract and be happy to show up when needed. ❤️❤️ Thanks so much for asking.


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