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Had a really cute idea about bringing you mama's love thru a milkman. I contacted your local milkman and apparently that wasn't a good idea. Granted I could only do about 4 liters a week, I wanted to provide 4-500 times that Inwas able to nourish a brain and bring love to able a body to make that next decision and step. I still see a beautiful vision of a big old barn in a field with lots of land to convert to a home for you with activities outside and a cafeteria where you can run yourselves. And even provide jobs for yourselves within and out. You could sell your own crafts, provide work and entertainment spaces. The world is your oyster! Right now I'm looking into setting up an account with Quarriers Supported Youth Housing. It makes me feel better doing something right now. I'll be giving a youth each month life sustaining abilities.


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