Child Sibling Band Fav. Songs #lorijean #siblingband #70's

Steam - na na hey hey kiss him goodbye - List of my favorite songs growing up on my toy chest with my sibling band. Watch for tonight as I play them and share them here.

1rst Song
Listen and follow along with me. Then come back here for the next one. Luv ya!! 😘😘❤️❤️
2. (Hope you had as much fun as I did. We're going to slow it down a little.)
3. One more, then drink time and water time. Then we'll speed it up. 
4. Ok. Shake your boodies. They'll be a few of these.
Keep up the pace.
6. One that my ex said was to me. 
7. Be switching it up for the one after this. You can relax a little.
8. My sis said I sang this one good. This and Cinnamon Girl.
9. come on keep up
10. Gonna slow down a bit. First 45 insisted from me as a hit from my sis for b-day when it just came out.
Trying to remember more. Cut in with this one that floored me with music in entertainment at16.
11. (use to sing hopelessly devoted to you to my ex in bed-said he was going to leave)
14. Use to drive my sis crazy singing this was on wrko am doing the dishes.( mom supported)
Moving into three dog night and then the first time I saw Steven Tyler's eyes. Where this came from-true story.!575&authkey=!AJ85oEbkbOOpQk0&ithint=file%2cdocx

16. Sis loved this (lead singer) lil bro too- back up vocals with me
Yeah Robby!

This is the album cover I fell in love with Steven to.

Actually this one cuz of the clouds.

Def. this one on the radio.
18. Sis loved this.
20. (from aunties)
23. Sis loved this one too.
(Oh my gosh, the virtuous woman. Me. Could have the budding starlet let go in her own. (Mother
26. This one I personally went crazy about.
Deep Purple was the one Robby learned the 2-step and the guitar.
36. Robby would go lunatic for this one.
37. Me and my first boyfriend's song.
42. Big headache for my family.
43. Sis had album. We would harmonize together.
Ok guys, nite is closing out. Let's wind it down with (sis loved) and my aunts song. Goodnight and see yiu tomorrow.

Will be saving this one for the end for my auntie Weeza (got off track a little)

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