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Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Looking for a deal for my inspiring song, "Little Girls", in a doll.

Curtains Against the Wind by Various Artists

The song is a 'smart-witted' fun loving song to inspire our youth. ❤️

Little girls, little girls,
Waitin’ on the moon,
Waking up on a Saturday afternoon
Trying to find something to do
Gotten all those stone you knew
Mosses in my coffee 
and a steaks on the line
It’s so very fun
Would ja have some more tea with me
Oooh, it’s time to go in
I gotta 
pick up my little messes
Oooooh, Oh boy
Little girls
Playin in the backyard with their toys
Little girls
Looking at the boy’s toys that 
they can’t have
But sand is free, 
It makes good tea 
and it won’t get in my shoes,
I see the stars
It’s time to play again
Oh, peek-a-boo
Maybe pictures on my pens and books
No, my playin’ pajamas
The sun’s not shinin’ down 
and smilin’ at me no more
‘Little boys looking at the boys 
toys that they can't have.’
I’m lookin’ out my window 
on bedroom sill
I can see the stars now
it’s shinin’ 
down on me
And the crickets are callin’ my name
Sometimes I hear a frog
We’re gonna play tomorrow
They promised me….
Ooooh woooo ooooh

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