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I came up with two new cute rock songs, a lot like the stuff I have with Factory Fast Records. I also updated some new ones. It seems I'm getting closer to a full album and I even love all these songs. I'll list them all here. Have fun with them as I post them. They won't be completely finished until release time or I post them here as finals.  The clip of one song, "Never Thought of You" is going to be a featured track that's why I'm keeping it posted short as to what I put up here as I finalize it.

The Lady

So Groovy

I'm Not Your Fool

I'll Comb it For You

Draft We All Fail Sometimes  inspired by the movie Stronger Than the World

Also if you haven't been following my social sites Spotify approved my song "You Have the Wrong Girl" for playlisting which is huge. It's a great step forward for me. I don't have the money but it gives me something to aim for. Yeah! Luv ya!


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