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Hi Guys,

I was able to come up with a great composition. I tweaked the original and am very happy. This is a practice but I wanted to share, so there will be a lot of outside sound in it. I will be sharing this with you once it's done to sell.

The song release “We All Fail Sometimes” written by award winning singer and songwriter Lori Jean is inspired by world famous boxer Jose Aldo's life in a movie on Netflix called “Stronger Than the World.” The movie shows hardship growing up with domestic violence and his forgiveness to it. Lori Jean comes from a place of experience healing from many head injuries from her abuse in her lifetime. Lyrics in the song: 'Silent this moment' is a place where you stand alone and hear or see no one around you. 'Another day' is a day unrecognizable in time because shock brings fright to silence. 'I don't see it in your eyes' means there's no warning sign; the anger can come from no where. 'Am I really here?' You're in shock as you see your life shine before your eyes. We call this the place before death.

Translation: This is supposed to be gold dust.


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