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This is what I have so far for my next press release that will be with Mi2N this time projecting more into the music territory. I think I'm ready for this now. Take a peek. I feel inspired.

Award Winning Royal Folk Singer and Songwriter Lori Jean Bravely Brings Post Modern Lyrics in Her Next Release

Lori Jean fights the backlash of the feminist movement.

Coming out with no inhibition can seem dark. Sports Illustrated addresses women boldy with paint showing emotion to pain with empathy. Designers make political statements on the runway . Admiring the detail in high-fashioned flowers proudly pronounces the beauty of a woman today. Lori Jean bravely uses post modern lyrics to love.

She's Changing the World with Her Lyrics

It seeming that a woman has come so far Lori Jean feels angered at the parody of the feminist movement. Beautiful, intelligent, witty words that match a witty cunning eye of detail proudly announces Lori Jean's platform. She relates to the ancient royalty and beyond of her family. Europe is brought to the states.

Her cunning, but sometimes thought to be cutting, lyrics makes her an original rock star of her time. Asked to represent original alternative grass roots tracks by Factory Fast Records brought back memories of pain and rock and roll. Her new EP consistent to lyrical content tests life.

A woman speaking out to her pain is rad.

Her EP “Love” expresses the love she found in her music. Sometimes love is right in front of us in her featured folk track riveting with harmonica following her original solo “You Have the Wrong Girl” being released by Jean in “Never Thought of You” with her strongest vocal yet. One asking to be loved though not knowing one's identity is in a track called “Whoever I Am.” And also one always watching your next to last step but needing to take it she literally addresses freezing with emotion to change in “When I Should Move.” She expresses a woman holding back on lust being in love in “The Lady.” All songs released are original tracks written and produced by Jean and are a simplistic folk or ballad. Her vocals do the rest.

Her music is accented from her love of her culture in Portugal. Her most memorable times were at cultural gatherings at the “The Holy Ghost Society” in Lowell, MA, a city outside of where she grew up where many traditional dances and food were served. She felt loved and accepted for who she was. Her deep sensual self can be found in this EP. Her future goal and dream is to open a Jovita's pizza bringing in all cheeses and breads around the world to bring home to many. With all the progress in the world today love can get lost and even be taught as unhealthy. Giving her last quarter to a homeless person was a feeling of relinquishment and relating when she first ventured to New York City in her youth; her heart immediately connected with empathy. She eventually made a video with her songs in it donating them to the homeless to sell to help them.

Songs released are registered with BMI and Sound Exchange. Digital release will be worldwide. Press and media are invited to contact Jean for digital files for promotional use.

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