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First full sentence mom plz play me a record. Abuse to her head as toddler and adult music was bound to her. #giftspot and

"I Need You" by Lori Jean Finnila


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Clips and Demos #newsong #lorijean #musician


Here are a couple of clips with the ac on, sorry-I don't have an interface until the end of the month anyway so you would hear air anyhow, of a brand new song that I'm excited about. It shows emotion to change, possibly literally freezing to a much needed change. The song is called When Should I Move.

Clip One

Clip Two

Also a full demo, with air too, but very pretty, Never Thought of You.

Hope you like them. Thanks for your patience. I thought to share my most intimate process to my music with very interested followers.

Luv ya!

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