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Pain Relates in A Little Love From You Music Video Release

Lori Jean is writing and releasing connecting her personal story to others. From molestation to gay and transgender rights she feels the need to pull the proper attitude toward our young. Too many children and adolescents are feeling abandoned and ashamed of themselves. Youth need support to the beauty of themselves so they can make efficient decisions toward safety in their lives.

“There is someone for everyone,” Lori Jean would say. “We all know one person there for us, if we look hard enough. I don't believe a stranger is acceptable.”

It's amazing how far we push those the most vulnerable away. Choices and lives are now. This world exhilarating, beautiful knowledge adds to our lives. There's so many things that we don't know how to do that this new added knowledge from others can aid us in our everyday lives.

From our young, gay population hiding from abuse to the molested child too young to come out and get help-these children persevere in a way we can only imagine. Try to imagine with Lori Jean.

Also, check out her funny new video to A Little Love From You by Lori Jean as she comically uses the Portland Zoo animals looking for love themselves in it. Watch for it at her Vevo channel or under Lori Jean Music at YouTube.

Photo and story by Lori Jean Finnila



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