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Catch my new Vevo video that I filmed, directed, edited, and produced of sexual innuendos with animals.

Latest lyrical tracks on the title track of the album.

Livin' in a Shack Album

by Lori Jean

I'm among the woods now
with no class
Tell everyone I'm good though

You left me to die
threw me out
So you could thrive
out in the middle of nowhere
Livin' in a shack

I don't think of you much anymore
I was sore at first for long time
But I see the way of the universe
they way things should


I can't go far enough out there
But how the strain of my arms flying on the wood
brought me so thankful to your choice


Banging, treading, shredding the night through the moon
I shine
You come out here
You better beware
I'm not the same as I was.


Update on "My Dirty Draws"

Played by one of internet's greatest DJ's. ISX Radio


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