Updated "They're So Brave They Are" #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #podcast #alternativelifestyle

  I updated the song to a better remake. 7/26/23

Photo by Lucas Piero from Pexels.com.

I can't help but to feel  my purpose is to help those brave children hiding in the woods running from wrongs. 

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Song Lyrics:


Begin now thru sound, memories, music

life, smiles, eyes, lips

skin glowing

They’re so brave

They’re so brave they are

I want to reach them

in the woods

hiding from wrongs

They’re so brave they are

to stand up against what’s wrong

I support them with my angels

around me


I know I don’t know if

my time is enough for them

but I’ve learned time

is all everything is


Beauty is only so far away

happiness and magic is near you

I open my eyes

darkness can be beautiful

I open my mind

and walk to it

This never changes

no matter how many sicknesses

deaths, new things, new surroundings

everything is still the same



The most important is when

the angels tell me

to reach out to you

I cry when I think I can’t

I don’t have the strength

I don’t know how

but I know this is my purpose

why I’ve been left here

maybe since so long ago

I thought I was taken 

by a princess to stay alive

but I keep getting lost in this



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