“The Veil of Light” #writing #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 I now write for your love

Your safety

I can’t be any closer to you

Than what’s in my mind

“The Veil of Light”

Photo by Dids at Pexels.com.

I want to veil you

Hold you

Protect you

The beauty you bring to the world

Is so much more than I can compare to

I keep telling myself

As I lift the veil to see the world

To see the sky

Before I run to someone stronger

I’m lost for words

I feel the light

I can see its presence 

Through the corner of my eyes

I feel disturbances, forcefulness, rudeness, disrespect

Hiding in the veil of the light

Hold me in

Hold me safe

I’m once again

Hiding in the veil of the light


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