“Like a Road Map” #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 I wish I could walk more today to bring more magic to this writing, but I think I have the idea down. Let’s see what I do with it for the June 16 podcast.

Photo from Clear Roads.

“Like a Road Map”


I have an ache in my eyes

Bothers me frequently 

My marks bother me

My arms on my elbows

Lost their muscle - all I see is bone

My eyes puff and have dark marks

One hangs where I was beat up

The lid looks not as nice 

As the one on the left

But it’s the one too anyway 

From another abuse when I was thrown

Into the cupboard corner

Doctor sewed me up with his eyes looking down


Please don’t mind me

From my brain injury

It’s really not that bad

Not compared to what’s on my body

like a road map


I have lumps 

That look like humps

On one inside of my leg

The other one has an indent

They’re all from abuse

My brain doesn’t function as well

From a crack on my skull

It wasn’t enough to look at

I only felt it with my hand mostly 

It doesn’t think as well

After I woke up with a cracked eye

On the same side

The pharmacist looked at me to blame

Shamefully shaking his head



I tried to send faxes to the governor 

Of my black and blue arms

Now thinking as I write

When I can separate the timing of the standstill 

In our world

Never heard anything back

But thought to put it out, the word anyway

Maybe I can change it for the rest

I’m still here 

I can make change

As long as I can walk 

And talk

For someone else



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