My New Poem/Song About Trying to Fight the Tire of Life "On the Edge of Death" #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #newsong #newpoem

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay 

 "On the Edge of Death"


I walk this morning

To keep my body up

Moving, strong in my mind

Life seems long when I do this

Get up and walk

Ride the height car

Hike that same old path that I can

So I can say I made it

I have to make donuts

I don't worry I'm gonna die so soon

It's my next step I look to

It all makes sense


There's no reason not to try so hard

There is no diagnosis in life

It's what we lead 

What we do

Living on the edge of death


Eventually I'll ride across the sky in a tram

To my favorite hiking path

Through the woods with its deep, twisting turns

of isolation in it's hills

Of closed off destinations 

That I scare to deep in my insides

But feel more life

I need that old camper

To attach to a car that I'll pull

When I'm sure I can see

With my mace and bear spray

So I can reach the farthest edge of death

To show people I can make it

On the edge of death

I still have a list of things to do

I tire to in my mind

That I can't hold for long

Make donuts

Ride that tram

Make that hill

I will not die


I can make it

One more time

At least in my mind

But I know each step I take 

In this cold breeze

Will lead me to the next step

On the edge of death


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