My Memorial Day Poem #lorijeanfinnila #newpoem

Bitch, bitch in a lonely place 
You laugh at me
I can hear you from afar
You did win though 
Chased me away
Now I walk looking for another place

I see men tilt when they walk
Dented cars
Music I'm unfamiliar and uncomfortable woth
Let's see how far I go

I see a man with all his belongings
Including his trash can
It's small, silver 
And probably fits everything he wants

Another woman sways by
Perhaps to get attention
She did 
She got mine

Many people tilt in this  direction
I'll turn around
How far should I go on my own
Perhaps to the school
Where I always run
Where I know there’s safety
And familiarity.

(That’s when I stopped because I saw the roses.)


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