“Spoken To So KInd” #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #newsong


Photo by Iurii Laimin at Pexels.

I Turn My Head to Cry


You popped up unexpectedly 

Were the same as what I’d seen

I came out quick, a bit cold


I turn my head to cry

I’m not used to being

Spoken to so kind


I kept telling you everything 

Negative about me

You said honey

I should let you go you’re tired



I said I need no man

I like to be alone

I won’t get undressed on a first date

Will  sleep around if I’m cheated on

You said hun thanks for being so polite


I say you go to bed too late

I go in early

I’m going blind

You say you haven’t found the right guy 

I lost my baby due to a bad man

He says I have a daughter called Jane



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