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Well I have my five required songs for the ISSA award nomination for 2020-2021 (not sure if that's this year 2020 to submit or the one after at this point). I'm also working towards and album this year coming up. I've wanted a CD for a while now and for the opportunity to put it into record stores. I've made milestones along the way and now this is one I'm working towards. Now I just have to work on the songs I have to get them very ready, and let my mind wander to get two more songs written; I haven't composed two of them yet so they're not posted at the Playlist for this album. Follow along at this playlist I just made for the album to see the progress. Also you can hear some of it at my podcast at iHeart radio where I discuss how my emotional life journey intertwines with the production of my music. Looking forward to the challenge  - my 2020 goal.

Way Too Early


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