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I put together this beautiful composition, "Life Before You," because I was able to with Minor2Go loops; he is so fantastic and a life saver. When I feel I need to work on a project or express myself in some way, where I can only use my hands so much, and my brain at times, his music brings relief and construction. It's so pretty. I had been thinking about writing a song before my ex where I felt so loved and free as a child and wanted to share this experience. So here it is! This is also dedicated to my grandma Ida Finnila within her playlist of songs when I felt the love in my life.

Life Before You by Lori Jean Finnila with Minor2Go music loops

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

There was life before you
I remember this after so long
But it's never too late

I can see myself now
and how much I was loved
by those gone

I wish you only knew

I wish you knew the value of me
and how many people felt that way
about me
and how I felt that way too

Now you laugh and want me destroyed
for all I know about you
But I will not go away
and let my strength leave

I can see myself now
and how much I was loved
by those gone

I wish you only knew

I wish you valued people more
so you can see how beautiful life can be
the world is filled with so many
so deep that you can't even believe

I hope one day you will know
how much I really tried to love you
and I feel you felt the same way too

Haven't quite figured out the line up yet... but. I feel good.


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