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I'm learning and being able to close the chapter of many beatings to  my body starting the summer of 2010-2011. The emotional and physical pain instead of it killing me I felt to share in an ep. I hope it helps others. Here is the last song to show you.

Hurts So Bad Outside at Soundcloud as well.

Also, I had one more verse of words to share that I won't put into a song but feel the need to express my injuries in full.

Poem “Cracked Back”
by Lori Jean

I used to walk straight
even had a straight jaw
now I walk huddled over
with my cracked back
the knock on the right side
added to it and pushed it along

I pull across the floor
crouching over like never before
I pull my eyes up
another day I push along

Can't take enough pills
to get rid of the pain
You severed all the nerves
about 3 feet long
all along the side
I wanted to play guitar on

It all sounds like green eggs and ham now
that I can now only dream upon
of singing and playing in my head
because the nerves in my hands
throb and remind me of what will lay ahead

can't take enough pills
to hide me from this pain
my glucos kicking in
but not enough
collagen keeps it from being rough
andrew lessman's makes it weary enough

now all I have to rely on
is myself
getting me out of the rut
that I fell so far into
I'll stretch these darn scars
till there's nothin' left

I won't complain again
or cry for sorrow
I'm only asking for less pain tomorrow

they started out on me when I was so young
that's how others got encouraged to go along
I know I'm not the only one
others get pushed around like me

I'm so sure

The end.



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