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It's funny how they don't notice what they do. Check out this funny song I wrote. I'm working on the music.

How's I Such a Fool

That first night in the field
Under the moonlight with Riunite
Van Morrison was playing our song
My buttocks slid gently on your rooftop

I was only 16
But the restaurant dinners were catered to me
I had to finish all my veggies
The races crashed my ears
as we walked hand in hand.

How's I such a fool
when you crashed me to the ground
with the words I love you
still in my head
While I was being thrown

When your bike crashed
it was a horse on our first date
the bike man at the store
saw me panting as you
pushed me to get on for more


Second time around
it came from a car
Though I took the spin
with my neck
you the money for whiplash

You fell on your knees to me
as I was put upon a thrown
to all beings
the ring you gave me
shined through the entire night

doo doo da doo da doo doo da doo da


doo doo da doo da doo doo da doo da


Photo courtesy TumbleRoot.



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