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An Update on all the lyrics in the Album to come "You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" by Lori Jean. I've picked out some cool compositions to start with all of them and this has helped me create a beat with each song finalizing the lyrics  more. I hope you like the changes so far. I'm think I'm pretty tight with what I have now lyrically. Blessings.

Touch Me Please

I hail my hands to myself
I'm walkin' one way
a woman with my own mind

I didn't see it comin'
I didn't run fast
I didn't move
I touch my head now
I touch my head

Lookin' back
to the reasons why
I was smart
I was shy

I now see double
I'm a woman
all twisted up inside

without touch my head

I only feel the cold now
laying in bed
It's like an echo
in the back of my head

Touch me, touch me please
It's time to hold my head up high


without touch my head

Touch me please
Touch me please

Touch me please

Hurts So Bad Outside

Did I luck out
to Make it through tragedy
I Play Jesus with my fools
I just get by now

I turned around
and you knocked me out
thought 911
was the worst for me to worry about

You call me clueless
my memory's gone
give me another reason
to refresh my mind

It Hurts so bad
It hurts so bad outside
Hurts so bad outside

I hear the crash again
I'm suspendin' in mid air
one more time
It's happenin' again.......

It hurts so bad outside
hurts so bad outside
It hurts so bad
It hurts so bad outside

It's happenin' again

through it all
I found my needs
in this war....

It's funny how you start out
with everyone else
and end up alone.

It hurts so bad outside
thought 911 was the worst for me to worry about
It hurts so bad outside
It's happenin' again
It's happenin' again for me

Title Track Song: You Didn't Even Want Our Baby

You've finally found your wet dreams
when you think of me

You didn't even want our baby
when we'd talk about the baby's hair
what he or she would wear
where we'd live in the end

you finally found a way to please a woman
to live without me
call me on the phone
remembering our song
that we never had

you beg me to be a teddy bear
through your nights of despair
your cracked casserole dish
didn't matter in the end
after you wanted out after our honeymoon


Baby, I'm still bereavin.'.

Hi Everyone!

I want you to know I've been working hard on my new EP. I didn't think I could do it on my computer but I am using Audacity. It's actually working great. And due to the wonder free country loops I've been getting sounding as beautiful as ever. I have a clip of one of my favorites on the album to come, "Touch Me Please." Singing it today brought goosebumps to me and my heart and soul could so easily get into the song.

Love you guys! Go ahead and download the clip and share it. I will be working hard on the other three songs with compositions for them. I'm also rerecording "I Put on My Gloves" a bit of a shorter version giving it more of a punch. I hope you like it when this is done as well. I feel it fits the album to come. It's all country because "Is It the Time" by me appears to be doing well.

Touch Me Please by Lori Jean


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