Song Release thrust toward Aerosmith's 'Janie's Got a Gun'

Local artist Lori Jean is released on her first compilation.

Harp's Soul by Various Artists - Song out today at iTunes and Spotify and more on this great Compilation! Buy the album to listen to the full track, 'Under Your Pillow', along with these other great artists!

503 568 1687

Watch for her other works at iTunes and Spotify and her future EP release 'Resurrect My Home' about teen molestation - (with full thrust toward Aerosmith's Janie's Got a Gun).
Single out now at GooglePlay with unlimited subscription play.

First words mommy plz play a record, a child sibling band, and skipping school for lyrics, music was bound to her.

'She writes from her angels.'

Angel and creator, Lori Jean suffered abuse to her head as a toddler and adult finding her way to music through her permanent neurological damage.

Come explore Lori's journey through her music!


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