Snippet of 'Lori Jean's Journey to Her Music

From the day I was born I heard music and saw flashes in my face of lights from cameras. I was sure to be a star!. Fighting for my breath among piles of snow that covered me in the coldest of winter storms with snow piled more than 3 feet high on the East Coast taught me to fight for what I want. Fighting for control in the female gender pushing my brother’s newly given truck toy to him on his birthday to quick kick butts in my behind to this as my Dad filmed us playing on every birthday and refusing to celebrate other family member birthdays unto mine being last, I was sure to win in life. I was making my stance after all. I even refused to eat a piece of the birthday cake on these occasions with my hands and arms firmly clenched to this at the table not to move-on camera too-not a proud moment; my voice was SO loud to this.


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