Fallen Victim's Birthday Dedication

In honor of Lisa King's birthday today, deceased daughter in 2001 of Linda King of 'Help Fix the Hurt Foundation' that Linda and her husband founded after Lisa's death from DV, I am giving away a song that I wrote for DV and dedicated it to Lisa. Bless you, Lisa, my angel, who came down and saved me, pushed me forward and blocked me from more harm when I didn't even know if I was going to survive from my brutal beatings to my head and body that left me permanently neurologically damaged, 'Don't Tell Him by Lori Jean. FREE Don't Tell Him by Lori Jean. Ask all stations, all friends, all programs to play this for Lisa, for me, and others visiting the Angels right now as we hold hands in rememberance during this time. Bless you.

For my baby Isabelle that died too from #teendv.


  1. Such a beautiful song, may you continue to touch others hearts and share your love and find happiness!!!

  2. What a wonderful comment to brighten my evening! I will continue. It fills my heart with love.


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