This Magic Feeling and Lyric Update to On the Edge of Death #newwriting #release #lorijeanfinnila


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As I get closer to donating some of my poetry books to shelters I feel such an inspiration to my writing. Reading my poems for others help me connect to the writing in a new and better way. I'm excited to have a song update and some new writing today.

Updated Lyrics to On the Edge of Death


I walk this morning

To keep my body up

Moving, strong in my mind

Life seems so long when I do this


There's no reason not to try so hard

There is no diagnosis in life

It's what we lead 

What we do

Living on the edge of death


Eventually I'll ride across the sky in a tram

To my favorite hiking path

Through the woods with its deep, twisting turns

of isolation in it's hills

Of closed off destinations 

That I scare to deep in my insides

But feel more life



I still have a list of things to do

I tire to in my mind

That I can't hold for long

Make donuts

Ride that tram

Make that hill

I will not die


I can make it

One more time

At least in my mind

living on the edge of death


New Writing: The Magic Feeling

I get up with my body burning

with hardly any energy

comb my hair take a shower

try to eat after I puke

my skin is dry and pale

I try to hide it with tinted cream

but still see the dark eyes

am I beautiful anymore

I reach for my favorite words with

inspiration that brings me life

I can’t believe I can still feel this magic feeling

of words that come so magic to me

I feel life outside of myself that is mine

I know i’m on the right path to who I am

I can’t believe the tire hasn’t killed me

I fight to keep the food down on a daily basis

though I know it will come back

I start to hear the words….

I’m climbing so hard to make that hill

and joyously sharing my challenges

that I try to achieve

I will continue to walk towards my words

they bring my body to  life and its existence

its being and acceptance


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