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Just got finished updating (Starfish) "My Starfish," a new song I'm working on. I think it's deep. I'm playing around with a synth instrumental I've worked on. We'll see if it stays with that piece. Here's the layout.

My Starfish


Beauty that is beautiful even if it’s not perfect

Beauty distorted on purpose to show new beauty

A home is being made in the mind

People and their opinions are so scattered about

the flying starfish moves for me

as the sand cascades it’s waves

like magic rushes of water


the flying starfish

move for me my friend

I’m an outcast

life hasn’t turned out like I planned

as the sand cascades like magic rushes of water

equal to the power of the sea

movement I have no control over


newly learned with you beside me

my mark, my internal wounds

long term affects on my body

move for me starfish

as she lays back sleeping so eloquently

that’s all she can do holding her hand

learning to love herself receiving a long awaited feeling 

of love and confidence outside of herself


yes you will get that second glance at these circumstances

feeling the shrill of the essential central decline

My dreams are close 

I can see My life is opening to me 

with its hands reaching wide

My eyes, head, ears, are receiving

receiving a long awaited feeling of love and confidence

with years of independence to a second childhood


my starfish

I have no control over

my starfish

I have no control over

my starfish

my starfish




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