“I Thought I Needed To Be Loved To Be Beautiful Song” #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #newsonglyrics

Photo by Denise Husted at Pixabay.com.


I used to be so pretty

Then one day it went away

I could hardly see myself

I lost myself

When I lost my looks 

I couldn’t believe it

It came on strong with a blow

Then took me down slowly

I didn’t know who I was


I thought I needed love to be beautiful 

I cried inside to be beautiful 

I wished for a man every minute

To make this happen


Then one day it came back

I’ll never take advantage of it again

I’ll never feel I need love to feel pretty again



Today I dance like a girl

A girl I once knew

I’ll never take advantage again

Of the beauty I now have again


The happiness I feel

I can’t be thankful enough

I skip like a little girl

And twirl in my shoes 

All I need is what I feel



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