God Please Let Me Wake-Up #writing #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter


My mind goes when I need help

I have to take something that affects me like a child

I fight many wars with many people 

Here I go down again

Image by 
Tim Hill from Pixabay

Please God let me wake tomorrow morning

I take the gold liquid I now poke with a pin

To make sure I don’t get too much in my body from the pill

It can take me down so bad, especially after that crash of my head into the closet mirror

I could feel my had get sucked in or was it just an illusion now

Please God let me wake up tomorrow morning

My body is in so much pain now from the effects of abuse

I need help from my liquid gold that makes my mind like a child, one for the pain and many other different pills for energy to follow as they collide in my body and make me sick

I have one more day I can get through 

I’m taken down to a state I know I have no control over

I don’t know if I’ll be lucky enough to wake up this morning coming

Please God let me wake up tomorrow morning

As I surrender to the liquid I feel my mind go to a place of peace, in a different place than my own

Feeling I might be lucky this time again to my fate.


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