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I fell upon the word 'butterflies' this week. I was reminded of a potential love that I interacted with.   

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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Song Lyrics:


Life is outside of something

we know

Sometimes, isn’t it?

You never know

what can happen

that’s what I hold onto

This holds me away

from the pain and loneliness

that can take me so bad frightenedly


Butterflies are the term

for beauty, love, and change

I can only hope my life

can come upon 

love like a butterfly


The thought that you 

can come into my life like magic

without me having to do anything

saves me

I don’t have to have

someone feel sorry for me

see me at my best

think that I’m doing everything perfectly



That last time

I saw your face

with so much concern

I’ve never seen before

If only my fright

can stop scaring away

the best moments in my life

You’re beautiful blue eyes

that match the magic in 

the far across oceans

that you come from

your darkness like an Arabian prince

in the storybook I dreamed of this

can’t be something so special that

could come to me

without asking 


Oh I can only hope

I can love like a butterfly


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