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 I turned "Bound Unhelped" into an EDM (electronic dance music) song so it can danced to with expression. This song is written for human trafficking but can be used as a form of expression in general. Mix this baby up!

Image by ericbarns from Pixabay


Free song "EDM Bound Unhelped" at SoundCloud and Google Drive (podcast music link here as well).

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Song Lyrics:

Bound Unhelped


Why take the tender one

The tender years

The ones that can’t bare

Where’s the rain

When is it coming down

Down on me


I’m bound

Unhelped now

Please let me out

I’m bound unhelped now

Please let me hold myself


My friend, my sister, my love

We are bound together more than one

Please feed me but don’t touch

I can’t hear or bear too much



The walls are dark

Hallways are long

Door block me from where I belong

What would I do if I could

Is there more than this


Please help me

please help me

I’m unhelped now.


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