"I'm Lyin' Up All Night" #newsong #EP #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric


Hate you the more I think of you

I want you the more that I think of you

You think this is the way to control me

I’ll fight and hurt inside

before I give into you

I lay up all night 

telling myself

I can do this

I can fly by this pain

I won’t crawl or beg

to make you understand


I’m laying up all night again

I know I’m right

you’ve been wrong again

you can’t keep treating me this way

I won’t give you my love the right way


I know I’ve been lovable

you can’t see this

you want to control me

I can’t deal with this

 why can’t you just 

love me the way I am



You want me to be the way that you want

I’ve never been able to do this

I only know how to be myself

How can I marry and be your queen

when you won’t let your princess beam

to lightest and darkest moments with you

I just want to touch you…..

oooo…. oooo… ooooo…..



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