Your World #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #rockhop

 Please feel free to download and enjoy the instrumental while I work on the song. Here are the lyrics:

                                                 Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

I'm mysterious

Maybe not

What you're looking for, me

What you think I am


You may be sick

Too much 

of what you believe 

to be too big or 

it's just you

Is that too nice to say

Even coming from me


You're distaste in life

Or even you're choices

Show vulgar acts

Don't touch me 

one more time

Though if I say

It doesn't matter anyway


You think you are it all

But you are just as small

As you're beliefs


Come here baby

You lost little lamb

I will coat you with sugar

All over and put you to bed


And when you have 

bad dreams, nightmares

You will sink into the walls 

you've made for all of us


So don't fear 

your world it is just 

as a part of us 

as you


Your world

Your world

Your world.


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