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 I have a new EP coming out next year by my birthday June 2021. I'm finally able to write and produce comfortably coming from being a survivor myself. I had questioned many of the tones and lyrics I was using. As free as it is in a feeling I wanted to feel proud of the intelligence in my lyrics and the producing. I can safely say I 've found a few songs to do this. Coming to my highest point I've let go of everything inside me and was left with beauty in the new EP "Surviving Angel" where I talk of still being here leaving so many abused behind not with us anymore and many still struggling to survive years later after the physical affects onto their bodies which I tried to express in "Dying Burning Body," which was unsuccessful as well as banned at times along with *The Beast of Heaven." I think I've found a medium by using freedom in my body. 

"Surviving Angel" EP

Example Cover

"War is Over" - To the point of acceptance.


War Is Over 

I've seen all the wars 

Picked my fingers on the thorns 

Picking strawberries....... 

Chorus War is over 

Over for me 


Saw the destitute faces 

that didn't come home 

Times I was too late 

I stopped counting After three 

Virtual representations 

lined up 

I learned to dance with glee 


War is over 

Over for me 


No more papers 

Just Petals on the ground 

Graces, Hail Mary's 

When I've done nothing wrong 

Running through fields 

Tall with sunflowers 

Touching my face 

running Past the terror 

 right through it all 


War is over 

Over for me 


Caught those weaker than me 

Making my place 

Bringing my treasures home 

Had to learn to let them go 

Dragged my guns between my legs 

Had to climb the trees to stay alive 

I ran enough Climbed so high 

Begged for mercy Even at times 

War is over 

Over for me 

Even though I know many won't return 

War is still over for me War is over Over for me 

"Your World" - How close a Pedophile and sexual abuser can be to us - I stopped eating at 10 because a Pedophile was on my path and the police told my mother to tell me to ignore him. Later it appeared I had become a permanent victim on their list after the fondling outside my diaper - left with some mild effects.

"Surviving Angel" - The survivor within me feeling left as the warrior.

"Life Before You" - A song wishing your partner knew the value of you before you came along. 


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