Lori Jean Finnila ISSA USA Female Single Of The Year Nominee 2020 #pleasevote #press #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #music #award #issa

 Press Release

"Dying Burning Body" by Lori Jean Finnila

Please Vote Under USA Female Singer of the Year

International Singer-Songwriters Association USA Female Single of the Year 2020 Award for a song titled "Dying Burning Body" that expresses her pain when she doesn't even know it appears in the dark, and blank to the fog in her brain, to her dying burning body. She wants others to know how it feels after you've been abused, even if it's been so many years.

Follow me as the red carpet ceremony approaches toward the end of this year August 1rst in Dawsonville, GA.

Special thanks to @Minor2GoMusic.


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