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I picked four songs that I felt go well with my Simplicity album at bandcamp. Please follow along as I work on these when hopefully this fog in my throat clears as our air gets better.

They are as follows:

Rise Above with special thanks to Minor2Go Music

When I write my hand hurts
When I think my head aches
My eyes blur
when this happens
all I feel …..are the nerves

You are the beast of heaven
though I'm feeling bruised,
torn and braised
I will rise above with you

I'm bouncing
When I'm happy with joy
I feel I'm blessed
when I feel I can anticipate
your direction
and knowing where I'm at
when..... you're around


I can walk though it hurts
I can stand tall
though when I ride
it feels I'm falling
every time I come back.... again

There's no sense of this direction
I know fate has its purpose
I was meant to see you
and be with you in.... every way


I will rise above and sit beside you

Tears Turn
by Lori Jean Finnila with special thanks to  Minor2Go Music

Please love, listen to me....
I was raised not to talk
about all the things done
It seems hard to function.

I could sit down and cry
till my tears turn to falls
or I can pick myself up
and joy that is meant for me right now

The farmers boots don't hurt me
The free food, gas and water I don't mind
I just want to put everything in a box
where I feel there's no harm


I could look deeper than what's necessary
or see what's in front of me
I can't think of one day without you
You brought my life and happiness back to me

I'm sorry for the pasts that's burdened me 
has left you at times all alone.
I get ridiculed for my cutting words
my flesh too botched for heaven

I could sit down and cry
my tears turn to falls

I see the man
stand still in the park
park is empty
I know there is more too

This day is more important everyday
I feel this to you
from the message from above
and inside of me

Another stares with a frown
the humble reaches
for a question to be answered
all is fine
I'm right here with you


I know you're scared
But I'm scared too
I listen to all the comments
trying to reach to you

My mind has never been taken so far
even with all the tiniest darkest corners of our world
just takes a moment to forget this
when I can still feel
the warm hand in mine


I'm right here with you
right here with you
I'm right here with you
right here with you

My Odyssey
Way Too Early
So Close to God
I'll Stand Strong
Leave This World


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