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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Many Others #newsong #composition #artisticatmosphere #lorijeanfinnila #rainbow of the #world

Here's the composition and lyrics to a new song I wrote. I'll be working on the recording. Many Others


 Many Others

I speak for myself
but for many other as well
I cry for myself
but for many others as well

The wars
The cry
The shame
The destitute
with no destination

My sheets are dry
My tears keep me moist
My mind gives me energy
from all my thoughts


I look high
For the dream
I feel the magic
but what I see is pain
Pain that is not just inside of me
I know I'm not alone



Pain pain pain
I know I'm not alone

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels 

Tidbit from another song I Hear It Too Clearly
I am alone
but I'm in love
Like everyone else

The movements
the pattern is a melody

I'm sick
I'm sick inside
Do I speak too loud
I hear it too clearly

I hear the pitch change
But I keep walking in my path
My words are too wet
But drippy I still speak


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