Ew Ew Remake and Healing Tip

First off, love Tiger Balm. Read the story I posted on their FB.

I'm doing what I love because Tiger Balm has given me an alternative to my pain in my joints and muscles from abuse, where I settled for other over the counter alternatives that never gave me the full satisfaction. My head and body feel much lighter and in sink because of the lesser pain and in conjunction with my Glucosomine Chondroitin MSM my energy levels give me the chance to get some ordinary things done during the day. This plan of action also seems to aid my Hashimotos where I can have a whole lot more systems usually. Thanks Tiger Balm. Lori Jean, Singer/Songwriter

Next, catch this remake of the composition I have been dearly trying to do of Let the Tears Flow by me, Lori Jean (brunette-frustrating) 

Love this photo. Reminds me of my Super Lady days. I'd love to do something with that. Not for sale anymore but I'm working on that one.


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