Where is Kyra? #movie #homeless #lorijean #socoldoutsidecdproject

Where is Kyra? #movie

I can certainly understand her desperacy. When I finally got my SSDI check when I had been boundless from injuries I was so relieved at that moment, though I knew the huge challenge of the situation at hand why I was in this situation had to be addressed. Prior to the situation I had faced all kinds of challenges with work and living accomodations due to bad relations and the control the men felt they had over me. I had tried to climb the ladder financially to be able to thrive many times and found myself boundless to their actions. Finally reaching the top of the ladder toward financial success I was taken down to injuries by them which led me to SSDI.
Being felt homeless and out of control to the situation with no money and no real solution that is yours is desperacy inside of you at its worst. Seeing the paper of the check that came in the mail in the movie that Kyra initially received, though it wasn't Kyra's, rang with me. Interesting story line.

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