Become a Successful Singer After Raising Your Kids

I had to wonder when I decided to write this if I would be alone in this. Searching Google I found to be-so here I am.

Ultimately I had never liked taking orders from someone else or being told I couldn't do something. Much training has also brought me to never use the word can't but to instead find out how. This is how I created my own label using three different names and trying things differently each time.

Being a single mom, I had made the choice to put any of my desires on hold. When I decided to return to school and loving, always connecting, and seemingly easy to me music appeared to be. So I chose music. I found I could throw together my first album in a matter of months-with no previous experience in a relatively rough draft for the most part except for a couple of the songs with a strong lyric theme.

Now apparently there is a business to all this I had thought. Great! I love business and the business end of things. Rules I don't know to live by in an industry I don't know-even more perfect. This was my beginning to my successful career as a singer!! Check out my work and feel inspired.

Lori Jean


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