The Goat's Bell Like in Heidi #dedicatedpoem #nextpoetrybook #lorijeanfinnila #womenauthor #literature #poetry

Photo by Lori Jean Finnila

To my big sister or aunt, whom I don't know her name, we were never formally introduced, who spent such a short while with me showing me what love was.

The secret to magic and mystery

the goat's bell like in Heidi

I so remember as I so desperately held

for comfort through her story

as I was kept in my room so often

Flutes I love that I want to write to

precious sound that keeps my mind inspired

dancing with beautiful feelings

remembering all the gold I was taught to look for

that was also on my darling play tea cup set just for me

The look on your face that kept me going

I can't imagine the pain I suffered 

that you did when I was the black sheep 

or a mess when I needed school lunch or clothes

and remembering now from all that I learned what love is.


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