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I think I found a name for my next poetry book. Life is so hard for us as women every day not being recognized as equal citizens. And not equal citizens in pay, or God forbid parenting, even schooling which I had a hard time with in my era, but in our everyday routines with our thoughts, speech, actions, and love. How lonely it is to be reminded we're not as adequate as another and beneath what we can be and who we truly are. This is devastating and deathly to our health and insides with all its feelings.

I think I will uses roses again for the pictures in the book where God has left this so easy for me to do. I will possibly use the beach as well and its surrounding if God allows me to make it there. 

There will still be some standard traditionally formed poems as my last book, but what I've found is being a woman you can't ignore your day and how it is, especially when you're creating where you take in the deepest of emotions and the surrounding.

Women Who Have Courage To Die For Their Dreams: A Book of Poetry (a bit of a taste of some of it) (long poem)

It’s about women who have courage to die for their dreams

why focus on the women who have been hurt in some way?

How would I get through my day?

How would I know I’m not alone?

How would I know maybe I am one of the ones who will get past this time?

When we have the strength show what we’ve accomplished which forces

society to take us as capable individuals and give us the respect with no heavy 

bearing on our bodies that we usually have to feel everyday when we are not 

at our best in this place

yes you will get that second glance at these circumstances as long as we all

continue to show our accomplishments when we can.

'If you're not growing you're dying.' Tony Robbins

'What does it mean when someone calls your name and you don't recognize it?' Lori Jean Finnila

I remember when I was younger being in fear of dying old and ugly that I wouldn't be accepted into heaven. I had felt the same way all my life about my dreams, that I was already too old and ugly.


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